Monday, September 29, 2014

Dubrovnik - a city worth seeing

I have visited quite a few European cities. I found Rome intense, Paris beautiful and Venice magical. But to be honest, Dubrovnik tops all of the above.

As soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik's Old City it feels like you are stepping through history. There are no tacky shop signs, rather they are painted on lanterns hanging above the door. As there are few vehicles allowed in the old town, you can wander around freely without worrying about crazy drivers running you down. There are a lot of tourists, so to get the best experience try to walk around in the early morning or in the evening at least once to really take in Dubrovnik.

I only got to eat one meal out here, but from what I saw and tried there is a lot of seafood and a specialty of cuttlefish risotto (or black risotto). At one restaurant I tried this along with fried squid and octopus salad. The risotto was a little overpoweringly salty, but I can see the potential if I had tried a different restaurant. Definitely worth a try though, even for the novelty of eating black rice!

What surprised me most about Dubrovnik is lack of evidence of the war. I really had to try hard to spot patches on the wall where it had been damaged and the first time I saw a crumbling and badly damaged building was from high up on the city wall. There are a few signs around about what happened and where, but aside from that it seems the Croats have put it all behind them.

Finally, a must do in Dubrovnik is walk along the city wall. It costs 100 kuna (around £10/$19) for adults and 30 for students and kids. Make sure you go 1 - 2 hours before sunset so that you can watch the sky turn orange as well as escape the boiling sun. There is not much shelter up there and it really is beautiful seeing the buildings change colour as the sun sets.

Dubrovnik really is one of the most beautiful and relaxed cities I have been to, and I could go back time and time again.

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