Friday, October 3, 2014

Tips to travelling on a budget

When considering travel, one of your main concerns might be money. After all, most people won't want to spend their whole life savings on a short trip. However, travel doesn't necessarily have to be expensive and you can still have an awesome trip on a budget without cutting out too many comforts.

Plan ahead

If you are on a really tight budget, find out approximately how much it will cost for your time away. Even if you get a budget flight, the prices in that country could be incredibly high compared with another country where flights are more expensive but food and accommodation are dirt cheap. It's pretty easy now to search for average prices for a particular country or city and it will really help in preventing too much overspending. Make sure to factor in extra cash for transfers, shopping and always allow for some extra over what you are expecting.

Budget flights

Use budget airlines wherever possible and keep an eye out for deals and offers. You can grab some amazing deals every now and then, especially if you're not fussy about the dates or destination. Even though you forgo comfort and service for some of these airlines, it's still worth it for the savings. Besides, for a few hours does it really matter if there isn't those extra few inches of legroom?


Make sure you spend time searching around for a good deal on accommodation. Don't book the first thing you see because chances are it won't be a good price and might not be the best location either. I've found the cheapest option is usually self-catered apartments, and they also tend to be in better locations than hotels. Having an apartment also means you can eat in for some meals, and therefore save some money on restaurants. Saying that, with popularity for B&B's and apartments on the rise, there are also some budget hotels around that have good deals.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful, but remember as well that travel is about discovering new things and enjoying a new culture. Be reasonable with yourself. If you really want to do that camel ride around the Pyramids but hadn't budgeted for it, do it! It is highly likely that you will only be there once, and in 5 years time you will be glad you had that unforgettable experience, not mourning the loss of a few pounds.

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