Thursday, November 13, 2014

Segwaying in Prague - the coolest uncool thing I have ever done

One of the many beautiful views from our tour

When I think of Segways, the first image that pops into my mind is the cheesy family movie Mall Cop. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just see the below image.

Yep, so that basically means that I have never thought of Segways in a "cool" way. 

This all changed though during my recent trip to Prague. One of the first things you will notice if you visit the Old Town is the amount of Segways. They are everywhere! After a few days in Prague, and after lots of giggling at some serious looking Segwayers on tours I decided I couldn't mock people unless I had tried it. This proved to be the best decision of my trip. 

My group and I found someone in the Old Town on a Segway offering tours. I can't actually remember the name of the company, but I can imagine that they all follow the same or similar route. The options were for a 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute tour, the latter also included Petrin Hill. They all included a ride around the Old Town. We decided on the 60 minute tour as we thought 30 minutes was too short and weren't sure if we would like it enough for 90 minutes. The original price for 60 minutes was around 1 500 Czech Korunas (around £40 or $75) per person, however we managed to haggle it down to a bit under 1000 Koruna (£30 or $50) which was a much better deal! As there was five of us, we were a large enough group to get a private tour.

The guy on the right sold us our tour. I have no idea which square this is!
The man selling us the tour was very friendly, and whilst we were waiting for people to bring our Segways he let us on his one and taught us how to use it. He made sure that we were comfortable on it before giving another person a turn. They are very easy to get the hang of and even those in our group that weren't really comfortable at first were speeding around within a couple of minutes!

Our Segways arrived with our tour guide who was very friendly and also had great English. We all got our helmets, hopped on our Segways and away we went! Segway tours aren't like typical tours where the guide is explaining things along the way. As you can imagine, that would be very difficult when everyone is on a moving vehicle! We could go at our own pace and if anyone fell too far behind the guide would stop and wait. She also let us know that we could stop at any time to take pictures.

After already spending a few days in Prague walking around the Old Town, I was amazed by how much I hadn't seen. We went along a path right beside the river which I would never had known was there if not for the tour. We also went through all different beautiful parts of the Old Town which I also didn't realise I had missed!

The Segways were so fun to ride and there was never a boring moment during the tour. Everyone with me was very sad when our tour ended and all of us wished we had picked the 90 minute tour so that we could go through the park as well. A side effect we all noticed after being on the Segways for an hour is our ability to walk had been impaired temporarily, like having sea legs. I felt so short all of a sudden, and felt like I was just stomping along the cobblestones. I missed being so tall and powerful on my Segway!

If you are visiting Prague and like me have a bit of a giggle about the un-coolness of Segways, I highly recommend you give it a go! It is so much fun, and for me it was absolutely the best way to see the city.

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  1. Always wanted to go to Prague. On my wishlist for next year!