Friday, June 26, 2015

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

If you've been to a few countries in Europe, you've no doubt seen a few palaces. Coming from Australia where I'm pretty sure the palace count is zero, I have always loved exploring them. After a while though I realised that sometimes palaces can all look a little bit the same. Call me spoilt, but sometimes there are only so many old beds (that no one slept in anyway) that you can see. So although I wasn't too fussed about visiting any of Copenhagen's palaces, after reading a review from a travel blogger I convinced myself that it was worth seeing.

Upon arriving, the first thing I noticed was the exterior, which is not at all what you imagine a typical "fairytale" palace to be like. However, as soon as I bought my ticket, I realised that Christiansborg Palace was going to be pretty special. They make everyone wear plastic shoe covers for goodness sake! A sure sign of pride and care.

After ascending a regal staircase, I found myself in the first room. Like all the rooms to follow it was gorgeous, with glittering chandeliers and pristine flooring (thanks to the shoe covers). Usually in palaces, I find the Grand Hall or Ballroom the most stunning, but my favourite room in Christiansborg Palace was actually the Queens Library. I absolutely love libraries, and this one is now my favourite! There are sparkling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and beautiful ornate bookcases lining every wall. There were two floors to the library, with the second floor not accessible to us commoners, but still pretty just to look at from the ground floor. I'm already planning how I can somehow have a library just like it one day. You know, when I find a prince to marry or something...

After dragging myself away from the library (not before ducking back in one last time when all the other people had left), I walked through the Grand Hall. It was quite different to any other I has seen, because instead of the classic royal portraits or mirrors that usually adorn a great hall, the walls were covered in massive brightly coloured tapestries showing the history of Denmark in a really quirky way. I'm not sure whether I preferred that look or not, but it was definitely different!

The palace didn't take long to look through, as there was less than 10 rooms to look through, so afterwards I moved on to the other two parts of the palace included in my ticket - the Royal Stables & palace ruins. The ruins were nothing special, but it was interesting learning about the history of the palace. The two previous palaces on the site burned down so they've had to build the palace several times. However I'm not sure whether showing a video about how many times it has burned down is really the best thing when you're in a dark place surrounded by ruins underground! Thankfully I'm not that claustrophobic...

After leaving the ruins, I visited the royal stables where you actually get to walk around the stables whilst the royal horses are there! They are all snow white horses, and are so gorgeous. It annoyed me that many people ignored the signs not to approach them and instead ran up to them frantically trying to pat them and take pictures with flash! Sigh...I enjoyed just looking at the horses though and snapping a few pictures from a distance (without flash of course) ;). There are also many carriages there that are quite interesting to look at, along with a video about when the horses are used.

Overall, it was definitely worth the £10 ticket to see the three parts of Christiansborg Palace. Just before I left, I went up the tower which you can enter for free to get an awesome view of Copenhagen. Although the queue felt like it took forever as they have airport style scanners to check everyone, the view was worth it. And as a bonus, there are two lifts so you only end up having to walk up about 30 stairs. After lots of walking around that day it was a welcome relief!

I highly recommend a visit to Christiansborg Palace if you are in Copenhagen. It is so 

beautiful and well kept, and it's worth it just to see the library!

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