Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

I have to say straight up that for me amusement parks are something that I could take or leave. If it's a choice between a theme park and doing some shopping or visiting a castle, I will definitely take one of the latter options. I guess at some point in time I stopped finding rides, crowds and fairy floss fun and rather found them nauseating. Actually that's probably not true. I think everyone regardless of age that visits a theme parks goes home feeling nauseated... 

Well the ripe old age of 18 I had decided I was too old and boring for theme parks. Despite my grumbles though, my two friends who went to Copenhagen with me really wanted to go to Tivoli Gardens. Not wanting to be a massive fun sucker and deciding that Tivoli had some historical interest (it is the second oldest amusement park in the world), I tagged along.

We arrived some time in the early afternoon so there was no queue. We were also visiting in mid-May before tourist season had completely fallen across Europe. After stepping into the park, I realised it was not like other theme park I had been to. There were trees lining every path, and instead of a crazed atmosphere it actually felt quite calm. 

I was trying to fight off a headache that day, so as my friends went and lined up for one of the most popular rides - the Star Flyer - I went and found a quiet spot to sit. The queue for their ride was at least half an hour, so after I was sufficiently bored with staring at the little people in plastic chairs spinning around in the big blue sky, I decided to go for a wander.

Surprisingly, instead of finding obnoxious coloured buildings and tacky costumed actors, I found that Tivoli was actually a really beautiful park. There was a massive fountain, and loads of green areas lined with brightly coloured tulips. Along with that, there was also a couple of beautiful resident peacocks that roamed around, showing off their iridescent feathers.

However, my favourite part of the park was the lake in the middle. It had a massive pirate ship (which is actually a restaurant) bobbing on it and despite being in a theme park it had a serenity and calmness surrounding it. After catching up with my friends again, we sat near the edge of the lake where there were lots of little water features bubbling away. Finally after reaching optimum chill level, we decided to call it a day and head back to our apartment.

It was such a nice day, and I was so pleasantly surprised with Tivoli Gardens. Even though I didn't go on any rides, I still think it was worth the entry fee just to wander around the lake and gardens. So, if you are thinking of going but aren't keen on theme parks, I can highly recommend just going to chill out for a couple of hours!

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